37 websites analyzed (torn apart, actually!)

I emailed you a few weeks ago, asking you to send me your website – so I could make a new video critiquing the ones that were submitted.

It’s done, and it’s going to surprise you. Why?

Well, not only was this one of the most FUN videos that I’ve ever made, it was also one of the most powerful.

And I’ll confess something: I went a little further than to just “critique” – it was more like “tearing them apart”… lol.

You’ll also learn three questions that you MUST answer within the first three seconds that someone visits your website, along with the two most powerful marketing sentences that I’ve ever seen (these are unbelievable).

So a little warning before you watch: Put on your “thick skin” and get ready to go fast!

Go here to watch me analyze 37 different websites that were submitted to me:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

::: Are You Good At Spotting Mistakes? :::

If you are good at spotting changed details, intentional mistakes, & hidden inconsistencies, then you’re going to really have fun with this video.

Inside, I’ve HIDDEN a mistake. It’s something that anyone can find, if you use these as your clues:

1) This email

2) The page with the video on it

3) The video itself

The first person to spot the intentional mistake, and who emails me at the address that I tell you inside the video wins…

::: A Brand New MacBook Pro :::

…with the extra-fancy Retina Display.

And this is open to everyone – you just have to be the first to email me with the correct answer.

Here’s the link again:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

Make sure you click “like” and leave me a comment after you watch – and sign up for the live webinar I’m doing later this month, where I’m going to teach some of the keys to getting more customers and growing your business


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During this Strategy-RICH Training, Dan will reveal:

* 4 secret keys to creating irresistible offers that get
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[DO NOT MISS!] Today’s “Livecast Day”…

by admin on October 14, 2013

Hey it’s me with a final reminder that Dave Dee’s FREE
“Info-Marketing Academy” training starts in just
a couple hours later today right at 5PM Eastern!

[DO NOT MISS!] Today's "Livecast Day"...

To Join Click => http://lifestyleliberationblueprint.com/livecast/

The goal is to give you AUTHENTIC tools and strategies
you can use TODAY in your info-biz. And even if you’re
not 100% certain whether information marketing is for
you, it still makes sense to swing by as what you’ll
discover has value for ANY kind of business.

Here’s just a taste of what Dave will reveal later today:

* The 6 things you MUST look for when considering a target
market… miss any one of these and you’ll be facing an uphill
struggle from the get go!

* How to determine whether your product will sell – I’m going
to lay out a detailed, 7 step process that will give you total
confidence that what you’re planning has the absolute best
chance for success!

* 12 CRITICAL Questions you MUST answer before you spend 30
seconds on planning a product… why waste even a moment’s
time on a potential loser?!

* The biggest benefit that you MUST show when describing
your product – it’s a game-changer and sadly more than 99% of
sellers totally miss this!

* A 7 step fast-start process to creating and selling a
product in less than 30 days that will put your income on
auto-pilot earning you money non-stop, year-after-year
24 hours a day 7 days a week.

* How to conceive, create, and describe a virtually irresistible
offer.. there are 7 parts to any KILLER Offer and if you miss
any one of them your sales numbers will plummet like a rock!

And that barely scratches the surface… PLUS you’ll have a
chance to ask questions during the training!

I hear there’s still some room, but GKIC can’t guarantee
the server can stand much more – so click the link below
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See you in a few!

P.S., Make sure to set aside the full four hour block
for the training – I know, that’s a full evening – but
I guarantee you’ll come away with some powerful action
items you’ll put to profitable use immediately.

It’s starting soon so don’t miss a minute – make
sure register now for this one-time only LIVE training!

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Have you seen this video yet? It’s being passed
around the Internet right now and I wanted to send it
to you in case you missed it:

[New Training Video] 5 Critical Ingredients Of Success

Here’s the link: http://lifestyleliberationblueprint.com

It’s a “behind the scenes” video of Dan Kennedy at a
very unusual location…a luxury sotrage facility for classic
and exotic cars. Plus you’ll get to see Dean Martin’s car…

In this Dan Shares 5 critical success ingredients of
a successful information marketing business.

In case you’re not familiar with Dan, he’s considered the
“Godfather of Information Marketing” who most of today’s
gurus tip their hats to…

You’ll discover:

How you can use your existing talents, enthusiasm, skill,
and wit to attract customers who will gladly buy from you
like a magnet attracts iron filings.

The age-old ingredient that’ll allow you to effortlessly
influence your ideal prospect so they’ll bond with you and
BUY from you (this is something that Charles Atlas, Earl
Nightingale and Tony Robbins use all the time!)

How the REAL fortunes are made in information marketing…
(one of Dan’s products has generated $72 million on
autopilot and he reveals the one BIG secret to making
this happen!)

What separates the dreamers and lifelong losers from
winners when it comes to information marketing…this
is why most people struggle and NEVER make money.

How you can easily leapfrog YEARS of trial and error
and banging your head against the wall thanks to this one
simple concept (it’s the #1 trait of successful people and
this one simple fact could be a HUGE game changer
for you!)

Get It Now: http://lifestyleliberationblueprint.com

Listen: there’s an old saying that “Success Leaves Clues”.
And marketing legend Dan Kennedy has been leaving
clues for the past 40 years thanks to “passing the baton”
to many clients and customers who have taken his
advice and made millions of dollars with it.

Best part? All of these people made their money with
their existing skills, talents, and know how others will
pay big money to discover.

Yet there has never been a solid Business Blueprint
that anybody…no matter their background, smarts, or
experience can easily “cut and paste” into their own

Think about it: right now there is information in your
head someone else would pay you BIG money to

It could be a favorite hobby of yours…or perhaps a
skill set that makes you successful in your industry
that your peers would PAY you to discover.

You’re about to follow in the footsteps Charles Atlas,
Arnold Schwarzenegger and self-help expert Earl
Nightingale took toward the World’s Greatest Lifestyle
Liberation business…a business that has earned
Dan Kennedy seven figures per year for many years…

…the one you’re about ready to embark on.

But if you dink around and do nothing, this video will
come down and you’ll always miss out on “what could
have been”….

Don’t let that happen…here’s the link:


This is the last of the content-laden training GKIC has been
revealing the past 10 days and they definitely saved the
best for last.

So make sure you watch every single minute of this
presentation and take notes!

P.S. Dan Kennedy will also reveal how you can get access to
ALL the blueprints that’ll allow you to take the “know-how”
you already possess and monetize it so you can work less,
have more freedom and design an extraordinary life.

So when you watch every single minute of this video,
don’t disqualify yourself or think nobody wants to listen to
what you have to say. If you follow these simple 5 ingredients
of a successful information marketing business you’ll
be on your way to making a healthy second income in this
lucrative business!

Here’s the link again: http://lifestyleliberationblueprint.com


LIVE Google Hangout With Frank Kern TONIGHT

CLICK HERE- LIVE Google Hangout With Frank Kern TONIGHT

TONIGHT: At 8pm Eastern, Dave Dee will be interviewing none other than Frank Kern.

Click here to join us for another LIVE event TONIGHT (meaning that you can
ask Frank your questions): http://LifestyleLiberationBlueprint.com/frankkern

He’s going to go deep into how to create list-getting and money-getting
marketing campaigns and automated funnels most savvy information
marketers will NEVER know.

“Live Frank Kern” is extremely rare. And considering this is going to be a
“one-time, one time only” training that will NEVER happen again, I suggest
you cancel whatever you have going on Monday and be there for this training

Here are the details again:

What: Frank Kern Reveals his $185K Secret Blueprint to Success
Date: TONIGHT September 16th
Time: 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST

Click here to join us for another LIVE event TONIGHT:


download this PDF now (the complete blueprint)

by admin on September 12, 2013

Affiliate Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
promotion and I will be compensated if you buy through my link on this website.

DOWNLOAD Jeff Walker's: The Product Launch Blueprint

Jeff Walker just released his Product Launch
Blueprint…. a downloadable 22-page PDF, plus a
full-length training video that walks you through
the Blueprint step-by-step.

If you know Jeff, you probably also know that his
Product Launch Formula is responsible for creating
HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in online sales.

Now his Blueprint gives you a “behind the scenes”
look at his multi-million-dollar strategies.

Affiliate Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
promotion and I will be compensated if you buy through my link on this website.

Get the Blueprint free (for a VERY limited time) here:

You have to opt-in to get the Blueprint
(obviously), but there’s no upsells, no cross
sells, no catch at all.

Get it now before Jeff pulls it down:

IMPORTANT: be sure to print out the PDF so you can
take notes as you go through the video.

P.S. There’s even a hidden “resources” section
that Jeff must have snuck in at the last second.
It doesn’t show up in the training video, but it’s
in the Blueprint and it’s killer.

Get it now while you still can…

Affiliate Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
promotion and I will be compensated if you buy through my link on this website.


LIVE Today - Zero to 6 Figures in 12 Months

In just a few hours, we will be LIVE with 3 guys who have liberated their
lifestyles with my blueprints! I always think it’s best to hear straight from
the horse’s mouth. These guys have all come from different backgrounds,
with different experiences and different goals – but they all have one thing
in common.

They liberated their lifestyles using the exact blueprints that we have been
talking about!

It all happens TODAY at 4pm ET/ 3pm CT/ 2pm MT / 1pm PT.

They will give it to you straight – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing
is being held back, and it’s all LIVE so you can ask your questions.

These guys are just “ordinary” men who took this PROVEN Lifestyle Liberation
Blueprint to create 6 or even 7-figure information marketing business, some
in as little as 12 months. You will meet:

Bill Gough: An ‘average’ guy from Alabama who started as an All-State Insurance
Representative and quickly ranked in the top 1-3% of agencies across the country
year in and year out. But it wasn’t until discovering my Blueprints that he exploded
his income and was able to really make a difference with his philanthropic work.
He know is living the life of his dreams helping other insurance agents through
his BGI Systems.

Mike McGroarty: Was just a ‘dirt-farmer’ from Ohio who had ever imaginable obstacle
stand in his way. The IRS wiped him out, he had no money, no credit, no job, a wife
and a baby…. and through a lot of hard work, belief in himself, and a little hobby he
discovered these blueprints from which he created a business that he runs today with
his son at his side

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller: These former college roommates started their business
with a speaker phone and $200. Out of that has come one of the largest retail automotive
ad agencies in the industry – and neither has ever sold a car in their lives!

And I have asked Dave to do this Google Hangout so you can see PROOF that this system

Best part: the participants they will take your questions LIVE in case you’re struggling
and are looking for answers.

They’ll take you “behind the curtain” and tell you exactly what they did to go from ground
zero to practically creating money out of thin air thanks to the lifestyle liberating power of
informational marketing.

Date: TODAY, September 11th
Time: 4pm ET/ 3pm CT/ 2pm MT / 1pm PT.
Link: http://LifestyleLiberationBlueprint.com


REVEALED - How Dan Kennedy rakes in 7-figures/year

REVEALED – How Dan Kennedy rakes in 7-figures/year

I’m usually pretty selective when it comes to deciding
what to send you guys. But after I watched this video
featuring the “Godfather of Marketing” Dan Kennedy,
I was totally blown away and wanted to send it to you!

Here’s the link:


In this video, Dan reveals ultimate Lifestyle Liberation
Blueprint that he uses to rake in 7 figures per year…

…and has helped his private clients and customers
to rake in a collective 1 BILLION dollars since he got
in the biz 40 years ago.

When you take action and watch, you’ll also discover:

–The untold process that could enable you to materialize
money out of thin air…no matter if you don’t have any
time or extra money.

– 9 ways you can use this simple lifestyle liberation
blueprint to generate profit windfalls for you (it doesn’t
matter if you’re a chimney sweeper or you’ve never
started a business in your life–there IS a blueprint for

Best part? Dan takes you behind the scenes at his
home and show you personally what makes
information marketing so lucrative…something many
people don’t “get” or think it’s beyond their abilities
to achieve…

…and the “parts list’ you need to succeed in information
marketing. It’s like baking a cake…there are certain
ingredients that are needed and the “Godfather of
Information Marketing” Dan Kennedy will share with you
exactly what you need to start your own information
marketing business.

This video is all content, and the best part is that Dan
revealed a FREE report I just read through that could
lead to a HUGE turnaround in your business…and life!

So if you want to discover the World’s Greatest
Lifestyle Liberation business, then claim your FREE
video below:

Click To See It Now ==> http://lifestyleliberationblueprint1.com

P.S. If you understand this simple lifestyle-liberating
process, you can at any time materialize money out
of thin air thanks to your own customers and assets…

…or other people’s assets. And you don’t have to
undergo tons of debt, rent more buildings, hire more
employees, or spend 80 hours per week doing it.

Check it out now http://lifestyleliberationblueprint1.com


Wow, what an event that was! Dave Dee definitely
over-delivered in this LIVE video training…and if you
missed out then this is your “last chance” before it’s

Here’s the link to the replay. It won’t be up forever so
watch the training right now before it slips your mind.


Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint

If you’ve ever wanted to stop trading “time for dollars”
and start making money on autopilot so you can relieve
some of your stress, spend more time with your family,
and LIBERATE your lifestyle then you have to watch
this replay.

Here’s just SOME of what Dave revealed:

–The big mistake most people make when creating
a product…AND how to avoid this!

–How the “little guy” can start making money on
the side talking about something they love…even if they
don’t have a lot of time or money.

–How the typical stressed out business owner can easily
create a second income that could end up liberating
their worries for good.

–The secret to creating products people WANT…and will
gladly pay BIG money for (this is the secret alchemy that
others have used to create 7-figure businesses out of thin air!)

As promised, the training was ALL content and NO
pitching…and Dave answered as many LIVE questions
as possible.

I guess there’s a reason Dan Kennedy picked him to
be the Chief Marketing Officer for his company….and
if you missed out, you NEED to click on the replay link
and watch this content-laden video.

Here are just SOME of the rave reviews from this
LIVE video training:

lifestyle liberation blueprint

Think about it: a business with little or no overhead,
no employees, no buildings, and little to no risk. That’s
the magic of info-marketing and Dave revealed a
PROVEN blueprint you can use for any niche or industry…

…so if you’re a doctor, lawyer, chiropractor, quilter,
sell buggy whips, etc…this training is for you!

Click on the replay link below and Dave will show
you how to create more security, more free time,
and more streams of income…


P.S. Also when you opt in to the link above, you’ll
get access to MORE strategies from Dan Kennedy and
GKIC over the next several days. Good stuff…I’ll be
there watching every single minute of this free content
and I suggest you do the same.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and click
the link below now:


FREE VIDEO TRAINING On How To Create A 6-7 Figure Info-Business?

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most
people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like
most people can’t” – Anon

While this quote is sadly true, I learned long ago that it’s
wasn’t my job and, furthermore is nearly impossible, to make
inherently lazy people successful.

BUT…it was my job to introduce tools, shortcuts and blueprints
to successful people to experience success faster, easier and
on a level they may never have achieved on their own.

And I’m doing that again right now!


Starting on Wednesday Sept. 4th two incredible people Dan
Kennedy and Dave Dee and are going to show you how to
earn automatic income and you’ll discover how “ordinary”
people like you, and me, can and have created extraordinary
incomes and more importantly live the life of their dreams.

Reserve Your Space Click Here ==> http://lifestyleliberationblueprint.com/video1/

You see on Sept. 4th Dave Dee will reveal to you “A Completely
Different Approach To Making Money That Took Him From Broke to ”
a Six Figures Income, Working From Home In Under 90 Days…AND
How you Can Legally Steal This Step-By-Step Formula So You Can
Do the Same!”

Imagine living life on your terms and getting up every
morning doing what you love.

To some this seems like a fantasy and to many that’s all it ever
will be…but thanks to Dave You’ll be able to discover the untold
blueprint that could make you rich, relaxed and happy!

Here are the detail again…

Wednesday, September 4th
4pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT


If you don’t know Dave’s story… He used to struggle until
a HUGE “a-ha” moment in his life propelled him out of deep
debt, a job he hated, and living every day in frustration…

…to earning up to $32,000/month on autopilot using
a simple “lifestyle liberation” blueprint you can easily
“cut and paste” yourself.

In fact, Dave’ll personally take you by the hand and guide you
toward creating an information marketing business
using your existing passion and knowledge.

Best part: Dave is also going to take your questions
LIVE so you’re sure to come away with an action plan
you can implement right away.

But nothing will happen if you don’t take action right now
and go to the link below:


Look for me on the chat as well,

P.S. One more thing…the webinar can only hold
2000 so hurry up and register and you will want
to get there 5-10 minutes early or you’ll risk getting

Register below: